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When S*** Goes Sideways On Your Remodel!

We jump into a renovation project with visions of grandeur, thinking only of the gorgeous end result. It’s no fun to think about what could ...
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Don’t go cheap on these 3 Bath Remodel issues!

Hi friends, In my years of building and remodeling I have come across a lot of oddities! But one of the most prevalent things is ...
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Dawn Matze Playfully Arm Wrestles Man, both of them with wild facial expressions

Penis Envy Blaming

What does this have to do with construction and renovation anyway? We all understand what this crass descriptive two-word phrase means. That somehow we as ...
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Hire Your Builder Before Your Architect – Here’s Why

Your project goes smoother when the architect and builder know each other. Go for collaboration, not competition. But be sure to hire your builder first. ...
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dawn matze woman builder on ladder renovation

How to Be a Builder – Like a Pro!

Ladies, when it comes to construction – including any form of remodeling – it’s still a man’s world. Men may be physically stronger than us, ...
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Should You Hire a Designer or a General Contractor?

Designers and contractors are two different animals with two different job skills and different deliverables. Designers may bump up a budget between 15%-30%. How do ...
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Contractor

In the world of construction and remodeling it can get wild and crazy at times.  Follow these simple guidelines to get control and stay successful ...
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5 Reasons Women Make Better Builders

It is no secret that women are the decision makers when it comes to buying the house.  This is well documented. Many times you’ve heard ...
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Dawn Matze in dream bath reno renovation success

Bathroom Remodel DIY: Yes or Never?

Are you sick and tired of your bathroom? Does any of this ring a bell:  Ugly chipped pink tile, reminiscent of the ‘50s The shower ...
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The Subtle Persuasion of a Sledgehammer

You know you want to. I s it just me…or is everyone happy destroying things when it seems like you’re doing something wrong? It feels ...
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7 Mistakes Women Make When Hiring a Contractor​

You’ve finally closed on your new home or investment. It took lots of painstaking documentation for the bank and plenty more inspections and appraisal appointments. ...
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