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Bathroom Renovation Masterclass

An Investors Guide To Renovating Her Way

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In this online training you will:

  • Eliminate fear, overwhelm and confusion by learning how a bathroom renovation does happen!
  • Learn how to budget, manage that budget and keep your money in the bank!
  • Create your set system of how the process of renovation will proceed so that you finish on time and on budget!

Who is this Bathroom Renovation Masterclass for?

This online training is for:

  • Investors who are looking to renovate to keep or renovate to sell.
  • You are looking to finally create that mind blowing bathroom renovation and don’t know where to start.
  • You are worried about how to work with contractors and not get screwed over.
  • You are anxious about cash flow, budget and finishing on time.
  • You don’t know where to find great contractors.
  • You are not confident at designing and creative layout.
  • You have no idea where to shop for bathroom materials.
  • You don’t have time to babysit bad contractors and workmanship.

This Bathroom Renovation Masterclass is designed to give you all the tools you need to confidently build your design and renovation.

What Investors are Saying ...

“Dawn’s course materials are amazing and thorough. I would recommend this course over and over again for any woman that wants an exceptional bath reno experience.” Lauren

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“This is a powerful course. It not only transformed my ugly bathroom to beautiful but it transformed me and the way I think about remodeling and construction forever.” Lindsey

“You often hear that a bathroom remodel is an incredibly difficult project to undertake. Not so with Dawn Matze, general contractor. and woman builder. The amazing thing was her spreadsheet tools and her timeline. I am so thrilled with my bathroom remodel . Every time I walk into my bathroom I love the outcome!” Kim

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What do you receive in this class?

You will receive the following:

  • Ten easy to follow jamb packed modules
  • Learning, listening and live-action on the job site.
  • PDF tools to print out, so you can take notes.
  • Videos to experience on the job site with Dawn.
  • Email access for questions and answers

Learn The Secret to becoming your own Pro Bathroom Remodeler

With these Step by Step Modules :

#1 Your Bitchin’ Design and Layout. In this module you will learn how to design and layout that over the top bathroom, reducing last minute change freakouts.

#2 The Sexy Budget. In this module it will be revealed how to create a budget with confidence and cash control while appealing to your partner, saying yes every time, seduced by your confidence and budget control.

#3 Nailing it with your Team of Pro’s. In this module you will learn how to find and communicate with your contractors’ and everyone else involved, instilling a kick ass let’s go team attitude!

#4 Let’s Talk Money. I love money, your bank account loves money but so do contractors. In this module you will learn increasing clarity and communication about your budget so everyone is towing the line…including you.

#5 No Sweat Calendar and Scheduling. You will learn to master the timing of your renovation project so you know how long the trades will take, while staying on top and adhering to your familys’ time frame, calming the chaos.

#6 Crushing your Demo. In this module, you’ll learn how to demolish the right way, enabling you to get off to a rock solid start and have a blast doing it.

#7 Master the Rough-in. Confidently you will learn what the guts behind the walls actually do and what trades are required to have it built right the first time, powering through each trade.

#8 Insulate, Drywall, Waterproof and Tile prep…Oh my…in this module you will finally unlock the secrets about the mechanics of your bath so you can be mold free for years.

#9 Wow your Finish. This is where the fun begins, amplifying the beauty of all the materials you’ve selected, as they come to life revealing the details and unique charisma of the complementary choices you made.

#10 It’s time to Brag and get your playbook out! It’s time to celebrate accomplishments, confidence and new found skill set. Here you get permission to re-tell your story with joy, focusing on your fresh new talents! Get out the pom poms because you are officially a Pro bathroom remodel-her!


I can't wait to be part of your bathroom remodel story!

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