The Bundle




The Budget Spreadsheet

  • A tried and true contractors Working Budget Spreadsheet that Dawn uses for every single small and extra-large project!
  • It controls the crazy spending and keeps you on track!
  • No more shiny object syndrome. If its not in the budget you do not do it!
  • Simple and straightforward for the newbie investor or the sophisticated investor.
  • If followed you will reduce overspending, out of control budget disasters.


The Contractor Quote Form

  • This form will help to drive your contractors to formalize their bid to you.
  • It becomes a starting point for your proper quotes for each trade.
  • It reveals the critical questions to ask each general contractor and sub-contractor, reducing risk.
  • It allows you the investor to have a method to ask the right questions.
  • You can feel at ease and know your questions are part of the due diligence you need.
  • It helps build serious tradesmen as part of your team to hire again and again!


The Final Walkthrough Punchlist

  • This invaluable list gives you clear guidelines to follow for the investor.
  • Shows what is normal to request to fix and repair.
  • Describes the method to follow for a team building walkthrough!
  • Encourages the same mission and goals so that they know what to expect from you.
  • It gives you peace of mind that you’ve done a professional walkthrough.
  • Gives you a tool to use that is concrete and easy to work with.