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Transform Your Bath

Enjoy a spa-like experience - at home!

You can have the bathroom of your dreams – it’s easy if you know how to build for a woman’s taste.

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the Kitchen Update

Say goodbye to nasty tile counters, old appliances, leaky fixtures, old oak cabinets – say hello to wow! With this helpful guide you’ll remodel your kitchen like a pro. 

*these are NOT stock photos; I remodeled these myself and you can too!

I Inspire, Guide, and Support You As You
Transform Your Investment Into Profitability.

Hi! I'm Dawn.

I believe that the woman makes the decision to buy a home – she makes the final selection. 

Why then wouldn’t it be the perfect next step to renovate your investment for a woman in mind?

I help investors who are remodeling a property to have a great experience, start to finish. You can get exactly what you want – your investment vision comes to life – while staying in control of the budget.

I work with smart investors who are ready to make the right decisions…and who do better when they have all the information. That’s where I come in.

Guidance + Information = Successful Renovation

Inspire Your Life with Fresh Surroundings.

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Imagine Your Investment Renovation is Complete!
Your creation - done your way - motivates you.

Be Proud.

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Dawn Matze Woman Builder Looking at Blueprints with Client

Whether you want to sell or dwell, build from scratch or transform what’s there, I offer expert guidance every step of the way. 

You will feel so accomplished when you step into your updated home, every bit of it just as you dreamed. You’ll impress your friends and feel a new kind of confidence and sass. Your unique renovation will create a story as to why you selected what you did and how it unfolded. 

Custom rebuilds are my thing.

You’ll find the process simple to understand and also stress-free.  

Women decision-makers in the midst of a renovation find my 30+ years of experience gets them high-end results.

I can’t wait to jump in to your project. 


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Expert Q&A About Your Remodel

We’ll cover the 3 ‘Keys to Remodeling Success’ and answer some of your burning questions. 

She Builds Better™ : The Spa Bath Edition

Courses For Beginner Remodelers: Delegate Like a Pro

My step-by-step Build Her Way™ process will help you make confident decisions as your dream renovation springs into life.  

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How to Have a Stress-Free Remodel

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