Construction Coaching with Dawn Matze.

Get Personal,


Guidance on Your Remodel Today!

Option 1:
The Strategy Session

Dawn and Construction Coaching client look at remodeling blueprints

The Strategy Session

One Consultation

Address what counts most. 

In this standalone session we’ll look at your gameplan, what works, and what needs shoring up. We’ll figure out the best approach so that you – and your budget – are treated well.

*1 one-time payment of $350

Option 2: The
Get-It-Done Package

Together We Succeed

6 One-on-One Consultations

One per week recommended. 

I will get you through the critical stages of your remodel so that you are relaxed…and confident. I will take you through the most challenging parts of most remodels, and dive deep into your particular needs.

*1 one-time payment of $1950

Option 3:
Do What It Takes

All the Dawn You Need

12 One-on-One Consultations.

One to two per week recommended.

This is for investors with a big vision who want every advantage possible on the way to a grand transformation! Some things take longer, and are worth every shortcut you can find.

 *1 one-time payment of $3900

Option 4:
Platinum Custom Services

This option is primarily for the intensely serious investor who has a substantial project or two to address.

Not for the faint of heart. Out of the ordinary service!

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